celebrate the cultural, culinary & artistic heritage of Woodville & Wilkinson County, MISSISSIPPI

Woodville and Wilkinson County, Mississippi are known for the successful timber and agriculture businesses, alongside the recreational industry of hunting, fishing, boating, and water sports. Residents and visitors alike enjoy these activities.

The Woodville Deer & Wildlife Festival was developed in 2008 to celebrate Wilkinson County's long- standing tradition of living off the land-- hunting, fishing, timber, and agriculture are the basis for our local economy. For residents, the Festival brings awareness of the
abundance of our local natural resources and the importance of sustaining them. From local food supply to art created from native materials, the Festival highlights the numerous resources we have right in our backyards and inspires innovations to the long-standing traditions we already
enjoy. For non-residents, Wilkinson County offers a pristine natural environment-- a refuge of beauty-- to escape to.

The Woodville Deer & Wildlife Festival has attracted thousands of people who otherwise may have never visited our community. In fact, according to a study by the University of Southern Mississippi, over 60% of our total festival attendees were from out-of- town. Clearly, the Woodville Deer & Wildlife Festival gives us another opportunity to show visitors what we have to offer.  The Festival enables us to bring awareness to downtown Woodville-- a vital business district-- as well as to all of Wilkinson County's natural and historic attractions. The event enhances our viable business climate and fuels our unique and creative economy.

Our Purpose

​​Who We Are

The Festival is a celebration of the arts & cultural heritage of our area.  This area has a rich history of traditions including hunting, fishing, farming & craftsmanship. For residents of Woodville & the surrounding areas, this celebration can instill a sense of pride in our heritage & our livelihoods. For those not familiar with the region, the Festival presents an opportunity to learn & understand another way of life. Whether local or newcomer, Festival-goers will experience local handiwork from a diverse collection of artists, vendors & exhibits.

Event: Saturday, April 27, 2019 at Wilkinson Co. Park, 3636 Hwy. 61 North, Woodville, MS. 

"A Night at the Park" featuring Parish County Line Band 7-10 pm,

Crawfish, Beer available for purchase.  Tickets $25 in advance; $30 at the door

​​​​woodville deer & wildlife festival